Bier & muziek kroeg Optredens, feest & vereniging zaal
Golf biljart & Tafelvoetbal, Fiets & Motorfiets verzamel plaats



The heart of our bussiness is and remains a social cafe to keep your contacts alive, but there is more...  Pallieter stands for: music, drinks, motorcycles, bicycles 

TRUWEEL: multipurpose Hall room, can be used this summer for meetings, expositions, music rehearsals, receptions, and more to come...  

DE SCHUUR: Club room can be used this summer for association activity meetings sport activity supplies and/or checkpoint workshop for small (self)repairs on motorcycle / bicycle  

PALLIETER INN: 2 rooms with 4 beds available. Also we can use Hall “Truweel” as dormitory  

CRISTAL LIVE/DRIVE sessions: the organisation who stands behind Live music & tourtrips, for traveling through artists / enthousiasts